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Our mission

The mission of A Different Track is to create a connection between people and their horses. Through unique learning moments, we create a personal growth path to work in harmony with the horse and discover the magic of Horsemanship & Happiness.

Who is Amber?

  • Passionate → More than 15 years of experience
  • Certified → 2*Parelli Professional
  • Driven → Never ending self-improvement
  • Smiling → My most beautiful garment
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How eager is your horse to cooperate with you? How well do you really understand each other?

Whether you are a competitive rider or you want to take a nice walk in the woods, it is always important to gain an understanding of your horse. Do you feel safe? Will he take off with a buck again? Learning to communicate with your horse is important in any case to build a long-term harmonious relationship and work together as a team. Because what you do with your heart, you do better and this also applies to our horses, each with their own and unique character. And if we can achieve this in a positive and respectful way, everyone will be happier for it!

Interested? Join the club

At A Different Track, you’ve come to the right place!

Amber is a 2* certified Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor and for this she followed numerous trainings around NH (a.o. 6 months in America with Pat Parelli) but also around several other disciplines and coaching, in other words quality guaranteed. Thus, she cannot help you in 1 way, but has 10 solutions to take the connection between you and your horse to the next level!

My promises as a professional to you:

Relationship first

I promise to put my relationship with you, my student, first. And I promise to help you put the relationship with your horse first. Instead of perfecting training, we will care more about confidence, motivation and respect, like real riders do.

Foundation before specialization:

I promise to help you build a good foundation for your skills, both on the ground and while riding, within my skills and license, to prepare you for success at any level, to read your horse, understand his qualities and develop your skills in the 4 savvys.

Never ending self-improvement

I promise to inspire and support you in your quest for continuous self-improvement. The Parelli and ADT path will lead you to success and help you measure your progress every step of the way.

Results & Reviews


Throughout the lessons Amber is always concerned with how my horse is feeling her, as well as how I am feeling. With each new exercise, she extensively provides the "why" and the "how. I don't just want to learn the drill, but the whole picture, and Amber knows how to give me that every time.


I met Amber through a friend. Amber is a dream for any horse lover. She is very professional patient and above all very positive! She can motivate like no other! Highly recommended for anyone interested in the art of Natural Horse-Man-Ship!

S. Commers

Having and/or riding a horse is 1 thing, being able to understand, read, communicate with your horse is quite another. Amber teaches engaging and varied lessons, making it a learning experience for me and my horses each time. Amber's positivity is truly contagious!

M. De Herdt

Amber is always enthusiastic and positive, which is very motivating! Me and my horse have more fun in our training sessions and our communication is much better. The lessons are always informative as she explains not only what to do, but also why to do something.

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