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Why A Different Track

Ciao! Nice to e-meet you. My name is Amber De Tollenaere, founder of A Different Track. Super cool that you are here, because that means you want a better connection with your horse. But before you start this study, it is important to know who you are getting involved with. Because your horse and you deserve only the very best!

Having built a lasting connection with my horses myself through trial and error, it was time to share my knowledge, offer support and create a community where like-minded horse(wo)men can find each other.

Send me a message and I'll see how I can help you further!

My specialties

Connection with your horse
Building bonds with groundwork
Harmony in riding
Balance in energy, body language and mindset
Enthusiasm and positivity
Success Coach

Who is Amber

People often describe me as an enthusiastic individual with a positive attitude and hunger for life. I love sports, nature and bringing out the best version of people. I am gigantically passionate about horses and I love to travel. Even before I could walk I was riding along on my sister’s horse and the horse microbe never left, thankfully! As a child, I always rode at traditional riding schools and could never go to pony camp enough. The most fun I had was just galloping hard. Then at age 12, I bought my own first horse, Blue. Not everything always went smoothly in our training, and I bit into learning more about horsemanship.

Horsemanship for me meant choosing “a different track” and approaching training in a different way because the traditional approach was not working for us. I learned to work with my horse as a partner, to have a mutual connection and to be able to ride together in harmony. My horse wanted to train with me and by applying a logical psychology we understood each other and each time we ourselves got more tools and know-how to solve our problems and become better.

At 16, I completed my first instructor training at Two Lazy Seven Ranch. At 17, I became a Centered Riding instructor level I and left for 3 months to Colorado and Florida, USA to continue learning at the Parelli campus. At 18, I then officially became a 1 star Parelli Professional after spending another 3 months there immersing myself in the world of Horsemanship. During this time I had the opportunity to learn to work with many different horses and people and discovered my passion for success coaching and equine psychology. Bakken experience and, above all, a lot of desire so.

I like to throw in a few more titles we have won throughout our careers: FHE Talent of the Year, Belgian Champion Novice Reining, Cum laude graduate in International Entrepreneurship from the KDG University of Applied Sciences, certified animator in youth work, etc. So in the meantime, I can say that I know very well what I’m doing, while still learning every day. Wonderful combination if you ask me.

With ADT, I want to help and reach as many people as possible to have a better connection with their horse and understand each other better. In this I have really found my great passion and I hope that I can really start to make a difference, just like it happened to me.

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My Courses

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