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The Core Module – The most complete online starter package in Horsemanship

Are you ready to take your connection with your horse to a new level? Do you want to understand your horse and work together in a positive way and as a team? Then the core module is really for you!

In this core course, I want to teach you the basics around level 1 and how you yourself can make and maintain a connection with your own horse. We discuss the thinking patterns, psychology and character of your horse and we pay a lot of attention to creating happiness in and around your training. The next group will start jointly on 19/03/2024.

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Would you like to...

  • Building a strong relationship with your horse based on respect, trust and leadership?
  • Gain insight into Horsemanship and how it can help you in the long run?
  • Understand your horse better and learn about the psychology of horses?
  • Want to ride a competition or have a nice outdoor ride in a safe and enjoyable way?
  • Make further progression through the levels?
Is your answer yes to these questions? Then the core module is highly recommended for you!

What if dealing with your horse doesn’t have to be difficult?

Horsemanship has changed so much for my life that I am so eager to share this! Imagine for a moment, a horse that:

  • Happy to work with you
  • happily comes to you in the meadow
  • is valued for his character
  • is well-behaved at the vet and farrier
  • wants to be a partner to you both on the ground and under the saddle

What a dream life! And the best part: you can achieve this too!

This is exactly where A Different Track’s Core Module can help you.

The core module is the most complete starter package in Horsemanship that explains all the basics clearly and simply. It is meant to be an interactive e-course where you can choose how much support you want to utilize. It is therefore based on Parelli Level 1-2, with the necessary personal Amber touch, of course.

You’ll learn all about how a horse thinks and feels and how horses prefer to learn. You will be taken on an awareness journey with yourself as you learn to use your energy and body language correctly as a leader! Once you master all these elements, you will be able to set up a fun training session that is enjoyable for both your horse and yourself. You will work both on the ground and under the saddle with your horse as a partner to achieve your dreams and goals! Fun and transformation guaranteed.

  • We start jointly on 19/03/2024
  • You have 14 weeks of access to all online learning materials (so no rush)
  • A new module with learning videos every two weeks
  • Additional theory in clear documents
  • Six Q&As with Licensed Parelli Pofessional, Amber, so you can ask all your questions
  • A private community with fellow students (fun and educational!)
Yes I want to participate!

What's in the program?

Module 1: Set it up for success

  • Success begins with course preparation, yourself, your horse and your training.
  • Find out how we will be working practically together for the next 3 months
  • Kick-off the track and get to know your fellow students with a fun e-meet event

Module 2: Mindset

  • Find out how you too can master the ADT Mindset
  • Learn to apply the 7 keys to success in theory and practice
  • Invest in learning more about the psychology and character of your horse
  • Learn how horses behave in nature, how they play with energy and body language

Module 3: Building Blocks

  • Discover the 3 fundamental games every horse lover needs to know and win
  • Get hands-on with the friendly, porcupine and driving game
  • Gain a deeper understanding of trust, respect and dealing with pressure in horses
  • Learn how to best prepare your horse for the Veterinarian, Dentist and Farrier.

Module 4: Basic groundwork

  • Find out how to play the 7 games and win over your horse
  • Get hands-on with the yoyo, circling, sideways and squeeze game
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to playfully train your horse
  • Learn how to be safe on the ground while being the best leader and partner for your horse

Module 5: Driving

  • Use groundwork preparation to create a safe/fun ride with your horse
  • Learn how to keep communicating while riding with your horse
  • Discover how to make your hands and legs work together to give the lightest aids possible.
  • Get started with the 7 games from the saddle and teach the link to groundwork

Module 6: Practice.

  • Learn how to integrate patterns into your groundwork and riding and have fun
  • Get practical with the figure 8, the roller, the touch it, the weave, etc.
  • Make the connection between the patterns and between your training on the ground and in the saddle
  • Show that you have mastered all the material and compile it into your thesis project

What else do you get EXTRA?

Community and support in our closed facebook group

Access to our private Facebook Group where I, my team and other members are active on it to answer all your questions. You can count on the support of our entire community for support with all your questions, your win moments and even your learning moments as well.

Personalized feedback on your thesis project

After you complete the entire program, you will be encouraged to submit a thesis project. This is a video of +/- 10 min showing what you learned during the Core Module. No stress, you don’t have to do this, but if you submit this you will get personalized feedback sent back with cudos to what goes well and with some more tips for the future!

2 weekly Q&A coaching call

To make sure you get the most out of the course, we end each module with a comprehensive Q&A. During these calls, you can ask Amber all your questions about the teaching materials. Moreover, during these Q&A sessions you will also meet the other participants from your group, so you can learn from their questions and answers as well.

Bonus for the Core Module VIP

When purchasing the 3-month Core Module course, you get 14 weeks of access to review everything. Fortunately, it does not have to stop there, because sometimes it is nice to be able to look back and have support. In fact, if you choose the Core Module VIP package, you will keep access to the interactive online course not for 14 weeks, but for 12 months!

On a monthly basis, you also get the chance to submit an additional personal video with a problem or question where you can get feedback and additional help/tips. So you’ll get additional customized advice for the extra 12 months!

Super nice, because that way you never have to sit for long with doubts about how to approach your groundwork or riding. That way you can prevent problems rather than solve them and stay positive and progressive yourself. Great for you, your horse and your wallet!

Choose the package that suits you best:

The Core Module


VAT inclusive
  • Interactive online course packed with learning materials on Horsemanship in 6 convenient modules
  • Practical exercises you can start working with right away (Parelli level 1)
  • Questionnaires and completion forms to help you grow through the process
  • Personalized feedback on your thesis project
  • 4 months of access to the ADT community where you can ask all your questions
  • Access to direct help and support from Amber through the 2 weekly online Q&A coaching sessions
  • We start together on 19/03/2024

The VIP Core ModuleBest Offer


VAT inclusive
  • Everything from the core module package : the course, exercises, community access and Q&A calls
  • Get one year of exclusive access to the Core Module interactive online course and retain access to all videos and additional course materials
  • Additional monthly personal online coaching/ feedback on submitted question or video
  • We start together on 19/03/2024




$ 99

VAT inclusive

Results & Reviews


Throughout the lessons Amber is always concerned with how my horse is feeling her, as well as how I am feeling. With each new exercise, she extensively provides the "why" and the "how. I don't just want to learn the drill, but the whole picture, and Amber knows how to give me that every time.


I met Amber through a friend. Amber is a dream for any horse lover. She is very professional patient and above all very positive! She can motivate like no other! Highly recommended for anyone interested in the art of Natural Horse-Man-Ship!

S. Commers

Having and/or riding a horse is 1 thing, being able to understand, read, communicate with your horse is quite another. Amber teaches engaging and varied lessons, making it a learning experience for me and my horses each time. Amber's positivity is truly contagious!

M. De Herdt

Amber is always enthusiastic and positive, which is very motivating! Me and my horse have more fun in our training sessions and our communication is much better. The lessons are always informative as she explains not only what to do, but also why to do something.


How long will the course take?

You will have access to the core module course and community for 14 weeks. That’s enough time to go through all the modules properly. If you choose the VIP package, you also get one year of access to the Core Module E-course and can continue to ask your questions monthly.

When does the course start?

The Core Module course starts on 19/03/2024 . You can register now!

Do I have to have my own horse to participate?

The subject matter is interesting enough to pick up its theoretical concepts anyway. Sometimes the course also takes a very practical approach and it is nice to be able to put theory into practice and thus have a horse and a camera. It does not necessarily have to be your own horse, this can also perfectly be a stablemate’s horse, a grooming or leasing horse. The best would be that you can obviously practice often and that you share the same philosophy for best results!

Can I also ask questions about the teaching materials?

Definitely! Each module (every 2 weeks) concludes with an extended Q&A with Amber, so you can ask all your questions. If you are a Core Module VIP, you will also have an additional moment each month where you can receive personalized feedback on your video!

Should I have prior knowledge about Horsemanship?

No, absolutely not. This course simply starts at the beginning and then goes into considerable depth. The structure makes you perfectly able to follow everything without prior knowledge. If you already have more knowledge, you will not be bored either because we go from 0 to 100 in 6 modules and you will be challenged to be creative with the basics as well. A well-known saying about Horsemanship is also often: see what everybody else is doing and then do the opposite.

I have more questions, now what?

You may always contact us via email amber@adifferenttrack.be, or via Instagram/Facebook messenger!

Any questions? Be sure to send me a message!