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What is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural Horsemanship is a training method based on natural horse behavior and focuses on horse-friendliness and effectiveness. Pat Parelli, one of the founders of Natural Horsemanship, defines it as follows: “Natural Horsemanship is the set of skills and habits in both rider and horse that lead to perfect cooperation.

Parelli developed a training method for anyone who wants to understand horses better. Through a step-by-step program of study, you can learn to handle horses so competently that even horses think you’re good! Proof of this are the many Parelli students around the world who achieve amazing things with their horses.

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Natural Horsemanship for Everyone

Natural Horsemanship is not a separate discipline like dressage, jumping or driving. It actually forms the basis, teaching a clear language between rider and horse. With the Parelli program, you will learn how best to train your horse both on the ground and under saddle or in front of the carriage. The result is a horse that stays calm in all conditions, enjoys working with you, is sensitive to your aids and responds lightly.

Whatever you want to achieve, whether in competitive horsemanship or recreational riding, Parelli will teach you skills such as loading easily onto a trailer, standing patiently at the farrier, calming down when stressed, riding safely outside, and much more. Moreover, during this process you build a true friendship relationship with your horse, stronger than any leading rope.

Core module

Private lessons / Group lessons

Video Coaching

Course days and Learning vacations

The Parelli Program in broad terms

The 7 games:

  1. Friendly game (building trust)
  2. Porcupine game (dealing with constant pressure)
  3. Driving game (dealing with rhythmic pressure)
  4. Yoyo game (straight backwards and coming back to you at the same pace)
  5. Circling game (horse and human both have responsibilities on the circle)
  6. Sideways game (learning to take side gaits biomechanically correctly)
  7. Squeeze game (overcome fear of small spaces)

The 4 savvies:

1. Online (ground work with 4m rope, rope halter)
2. Freestyle (riding with loose rein or without a bridle).

3. Liberty (working at liberty with your horse from the ground)
4. Finesse (riding with contact rein to refinement).

The 4 levels:

  1. Online: everything is about security
  2. Online + Freestyle: Winning the 7 games on the ground and in the saddle
  3. Online + Freestyle + Liberty: Tasting excellence
  4. Online + Freestyle + Liberty + Finesse: Achieving excellence

Discover our Core Module

As you learn to play these games with your horse, you will see remarkable changes happen. Suddenly your horse understands you and looks at you! No more pushing and pulling to lead or stop your horse. These 7 games are the foundation for everything you want to accomplish with your horse, both on the ground and under the saddle. Once your horse fully trusts you and your decisions, he becomes calm and compliant. He stops resisting or becomes less anxious and more interested in what you ask of him. In short, he will be your perfect partner!

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"Horsemanship can be obtained naturally through communication, understanding and psychology versus mechanics, fear and intimidation."`

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