Core module VIP


The core module is the most complete online starter package in Horsemanship that explains all the basics clearly and simply. It is intended as an interactive e-course where you can choose how much support you want to utilize. So it is based on Parelli Level 1-2, with the necessary personal Amber toutch of course.

You’ll learn all about how a horse thinks and feels and how horses prefer to learn. You will be taken on an awareness journey with yourself as you learn to use your energy and body language correctly as a leader! Once you master all these elements, you will be able to set up a fun training session that is enjoyable for both your horse and yourself. You will work both on the ground and under the saddle with your horse as a partner to achieve your dreams and goals! Fun and transformation guaranteed.



More info

  • We start jointly on 25/09/2023
  • You have 14 weeks of access to all online learning materials (so no rush)
  • A new module with learning videos every two weeks
  • Additional theory in clear documents
  • Six Q&As with Licensed Parelli Pofessional, Amber, so you can ask all your questions
  • A private community with fellow students (fun and educational!)

When purchasing the 3-month Core Module course, you get 14 weeks of access to review everything. Fortunately, it does not have to stop there, because sometimes it is nice to be able to look back and have support. In fact, if you choose the Core Module VIP package, you will keep access to the interactive online course not for 14 weeks, but for 12 months!

On a monthly basis, you also get the chance to submit an additional personal video with a problem or question where you can get feedback and additional help/tips. So you’ll get additional customized advice for the extra 12 months!

Super nice, because that way you never have to sit for long with doubts about how to approach your groundwork or riding. That way you can prevent problems rather than solve them and stay positive and progressive yourself. Great for you, your horse and your wallet!

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